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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rippley and Emma

My friend, Bridgett, over at Rambling Designs has just designed another pattern for me to test knit.  It is a wrap called Rippley.  She has designed some beautiful shawls and stoles which I have had the privilege to test knit for her.  I sure wish I could meet her in person, since we have so much in common.

My granddaughter, Emma, who is 10, lives in Indiana and spends a week with us each summer.  This year we took her to Wisconsin Dells and had a blast.  The trip home, however, was another story.  We spent the last 70 miles driving and sitting along side the road in a terrible thunderstorm.  We actually arrived back to our hometown just as tornadic winds hit. 

Anyway, the day before the trip we stopped over at my dad's farm.  My middle brother came down to give Emma her first horseback riding lesson.  She is a natural and rode for quite a while without any help.  I keep kidding my brother by telling him he looks like ZZ Top.  ;~}

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spinndiva said...

LOL love your family pic! ZZ Top! ROFL..
Way to go Emma to ride like that! :)