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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Darn It!

Look at this gorgeous darning egg I just ordered.

I have also ordered 2 more to be custom made for me. I don't know how to link to anything in my blogs, so I will just post the information to the artist's website and Etsy shop.

His website is: www.west.net/~harley/wood/darnaids.htm

and his Etsy shop is: www.etsy.com/shop/CustomWoodDesigns

Hmmmm, maybe I have linked it accidently. ;~}


Tallguy said...

well, not sure if you figured it out or not, but the links seem to work!

Carol said...

Hi! Carol from MMario's group here.. I use Blogger for my blog too. Adding links is easy. You know one way already, to just type in the web address in the body of your post.

If you want to add links to the side of your blog where they will always stay, go to your 'add & arrange page elements' page. On the side (either left or right side depending on which template you chose), click on 'add a gadget'. That will open a little window. Scroll down until you see 'Link List'. Click on the '+' to add it. It will open a new little window to configure or add your links.

When you're done, you can move where your links are on your page by dragging them around on your 'add & arrange page elements' page.

You can get 'buy now' buttons from the Ravelry goodies section too! I put a ravelry link on the top of my blog. Anyway, you might want to join the 'bloggers' group on Ravelry too - it's a new group to share tips and get help. Hope to see you there!